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Internet connection can be a family activity

Are you worried that each member of the family is glued to their smartphones and computers, that actual family time is being eroded by each member’s choices of browsing habits? If yes, you are not alone on this concern. Many studies have been made about the decline of family activity as the internet and computers have taken priority. Parents are concerned that their children are spending more time engaging on social media over activities like family time, sports and actual conversation with family members. Even the television, once the undisputed ruler of the household attention has since made way to the internet, the super information gateway to all things multimedia and social media.

While the internet age and smartphones is not going away, there are measures that families can build around the internet to jumpstart family time as an activity over each of his / her own agendas over the internet. The goal is here is to re-introduce family time and family activity at the core of the household.

  • Stream a movie online– Services like Netflix shows family friendly movies for all ages. This is similar to the family tv shows and family movie night at home from yesterday, only that the internet is involved. Smart TVs and internet enabled TV streaming makes this possible to jumpstart the good old fashion family viewing party.


  • Share select stories online – Similar to the old fashioned share your favorite news story or magazine feature, only this time, each member presents an interesting or informative article found online. This not only helps the family catch on current events, but fosters communication and encourages healthy discussions.


  • Skype a loved one – One of the great uses of Skype is the ability to host a group video call. Your family can call relatives and loved ones from far away to catch up online. This makes quality family time and helps the distant love bridge the distance.


  • Internet Parenting Cautions – Internet safety is a concern that all parents should address now. There are dangers lurking on the internet that makes children and young adults susceptible. As parents we should be knowledgeable of these threats and how to take charge of our children’s safety. HealthyChildren.Org has written an article for the internet safety 101 for all parents to take time and read. Taking time and discussing this with your children with the internet present for illustration will help them understand your genuine concern and avoid the miscommunication that you are prying into their personal life. This information and smart parenting in the age of internet will make them aware and protect your family against cyber-threats found on the internet.


While the internet age is not going away in our lifetime, parents should know that it is not all bad but should be addressed with diligent parenting. The internet has distractions and it has its productive use for studies and recreation for families. Being informed about it will allow us for parenting to prevail over bad habits borne out of the internet. Our Learn with Activ8me provides family friendly tips and ideas for parents to be well informed about the fast moving internet age.