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Browse the Internet Safely With these 3 Tips

Today, with the affordability of devices – smart phones, tablet computers, desktops and laptops – and the practical and easy ways to the connect to the Internet, internet browsing naturally becomes a part of our daily life. Despite the convenience, regular internet browsing also exposes us to different risks online.

Browse Internet Safely

Practice safe internet browsing always. Follow these 3 tips as a primer.

Use an updated browser

An updated browser makes a world of difference when it comes to safe internet browsing. Whether you are using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, always choose ‘Yes’ if it prompts you to update your browser to its current version. An updated web browser is your best weapon against online vulnerabilities such as viruses, spyware, phishing, copyright infringement and exposure to inappropriate websites.

Check the website’s security

Especially for websites that require you to enter your sensitive information – your username, password, social security number and financial details – make it a habit to look for the security symbol right before your web browser’s address bar.

A gray globe indicates that the website is not encrypted. It means that it is considered unsafe against online eavesdropping. Be wary of sharing sensitive information with these kinds of websites. The same precautionary measures go for websites with an orange warning triangle.

A gray padlock indicates that your connection is secure. The website is encrypted against online eavesdropping.

A green padlock is probably an indication of the most secure website you can visit. The symbol indicates that the website is verified using an EV certificate. EV stands for Extended Validation.

Don’t click in a wink!

Especially if it requires you to click on a graphic to claim a prize even if you never joined a contest. These kinds of links are sometimes always malicious. The intention is anything, but nice and if you do not want to put your security at risk, never click on anything that you are unsure of. You can tell what a legitimate link looks like and what’s not so always be the best judge.

Now that you have these safe internet browsing tips (although there’s still a bunch more if you check online), what you need to ensure next is a fast internet browsing experience. Activ8me offers high-speed broadband plans that provide internet speeds that will not disappoint. Check our Fibre Broadband plans today.