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NBN Fibre: Bid Goodbye to Slow Internet Connection!

NBN Fibre

Think about your typical busy household. Dad’s trying to watch the game, mum’s talking to her sister on Skype, brother’s trying to woo his girlfriend back by sending her a video of him strumming a few romantic songs with his guitar, and sister’s checking out her arch nemesis on Facebook!

My, what a busy home it is! Of course, if they’re all using the internet, you can only imagine how slow the connection is with everyone using a portion of the broadband speed! Much more if you are tingkering with other devices, such as Smartphones and tablets.

This looks like your typical Australian household. In fact, Aussies seem to be increasingly addicted to the net. According to Nielsen Australian Online Landscape Review, Australia’s internet audience reached 16.2 million in May 2012.

The NBN Fibre Optic Broadband

The NBN Fibre High speed broadband technology is delivered via fibre optic cables to the home. Capable of speeds up to 100/40 Mbps. 93% of Australian homes will be eligible for fibre broadband once the NBN rollout is completed.

Statistics reveal that the internet subscribers have increased to 28.23 million. It’s a good thing that the speed has been amped up to meet the needs of all the internet fanatics. The NBN Co is now moving across the country installing fibre optic cables to provide ultra-fast internet.

With highspeed NBN fibre, homes are now a lot more peaceful. Dad’s no longer shouting at his kids to get off the net so he can watch his show. And mum, well, she can talk to her sister as long as she wants without cursing the lagged audio and video output.

Are you eligible?

To get connected to NBN Fibre, your  address must be located where the NBN rollout has been completed. To view  if your premises is in an eligible area please view our NBN Rollout Map or call on 1800 80 44 10 and speak to one of our NBN specialists.

Please Note: Activ8me do not service all areas of Australia and may not be able to get you connected even if you live in a NBN Fibre area.